Every Neighborbood is a “Good” Neighborhood as Far as Criminals are Concerned

Maybe you think a Security System is Only for the Rich. Wrong!

You see, this is Chicago

But this is ALSO Chicago
63rd street

When my house was broken into and robbed my first thought was I can’t believe this happened in this neighborhood. And I think that is surprising to a lot of people when they are robbed. I think when people live in the suburbs were upscale neighborhoods they very surprised that the robbery happened and that nobody noticed. And I think people in my situation, where you live in a relatively middle or even lower income area, you’re also very surprised because in your mind you think well “why would the thieves come to this place all or going to get his average junk wouldn’t they go to a better neighborhood?”

And my area was so surprising because I live on a very clean and calm block and again, as I said in my personal story about my robbery, the thieves had to jump over at gate travel across a very large yard with high visibility and then climb up my Windows… It was a very time-consuming and high visibility situation, and yet they did it. BOLD.

If you have been a nice or quality area and you do not have security then I have to ask; what is the problem? How can you possibly have all your possessions in the things you like in the things that you need in one spot and leave them unprotected. And when I talk about the things you like I also mean yourself. You yourself are your greatest possession, your life has value and you have to treat yourself like a thing that needs to be protected.

And if you live in a middle or lower income area you also to need to invest in security. Same situation as above, your things in your self have value. And not having a lot of money doesn’t mean that you deserve to be ripped off or to have your space invaded or be violated. You don’t deserve that nobody deserves that. And I’m sorry but we just don’t live in a world where we don’t have to worry about people breaking into our homes. They do it. They do it all the time and they do it where you don’t expect it and they do it when you don’t expect it.

So when it comes to YOU getting in touch with one of these home security companies isn’t it worth a phone call? I mean, what do you possibly have to loose by at least talking to one of these security companies? Just do it and start finding out the prices, the complexity, how much they monitor, how long it takes to get up and running. There a LOT of things you need to be thinking about, so go into the conversation with a few ideas. Don’t just let them “sell” you with some script. Just have YOUR game plan and that’s pretty easy; ask yourself what do you want to know the most about, and that’s how you start the conversation. A company like ADT is a perfect example. Those guys can set you up fast and inexpensively in your be ready to go.

You can give them a call from about 8 in the morning until 8 at night Central time and until about noon on Saturdays at



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