Watch This Home Invasion Video. My Opinions Follow

So yesterday I read this story about a home invasion. The people lived through it. And a good deal of it was caught on surveillance cameras. They almost had the right kind of system. It recorded the incident, but it wasn’t hooked up to any kind of alert or notification or monitoring system. So they had to endure the whole thing.

Below is a screenshot. I would have posted the video but I’m mostly a self-hosted wordpress user and his hosted version wont let me put the video up.
home invasion
An urgent search is underway for a violent group of crooks who terrorized a local family. They say they awoke to masked men with guns demanding everything they had.”

So let’s have a talk about this. Yesterday, the same day this story was reported, somebody posted a comment about “nice piece” on this blog regarding me advising people to at least make a CALL and talk to the ADT people to do some Q and A about whether your home is right for home security. It’s not a good deal for every single home, but most homes should have something.

So why? One of the most amazing things is the that virtually every car made in the last 15. maybe even 25. years has a car alarm.  Conversely, virtually every home does not have an alarm system.  Now, don’t get me wrong cars need protection and I’m all for it, but I am only in the car a few hours a week but I’m in my house all the time.  And more importantly I only have a few things in the car but I have a tremendous amount of my stuff in my house including the people that I love. Do you follow me here? Why are we so concerned about the damn cars? Our housed need protection waaaaay more.

So it amazes me that people never given a second thought that their cars have alarm but then they don’t have a system for their whole house.  Their whole house!  Let me share with you some other news stories.

You may recall a few years ago in 2002 a young lady named Elizabeth Smart was taken from her home in Utah, Salt Lake City to be exact.  Here’s a picture of the house. Nice looking else right?  And it’s a great neighborhood right? In fact it’s a great state. On the site with that video from above if you listen to the video from the clip above you know you can hear it’s a couple Hispanic people and a lot of comments on that site hint that it’s because  those are Hispanic people “bound to get robbed,” but here is Elizabeth Smart she’s not Hispanic and nor is was her neighborhood.  Here’s the Smart’s house.


That’s one of the most crucial point I tried to make; there is no safe place. There is no safe neighborhood. The entire United States is open season for criminals.  It is your responsibility to maintain the security of your personal space.  Let me repeat that, you must maintain the security of your personal space no matter where in the country you live.  Your personal space include your house, your car,  your neighborhood honestly, but the further way you get away from your house the less able you are to control things.  So your house is crucial, because it’s easy to do.  The security companies make it extremely easy to just pay them a dollar a month or whatever and have a system in place.

Let’s go back to 1959.  One are most famous home invasions in recorded American history are the brutal murders of Herb and Bonnie Clutter, their daughter, Nancy, 16, and son, Kenyon, 15.  Made famous by Truman Capote and his book In Cold Blood.  That home invasion was very similar to the video clip above; 4-5 people in a house, parents and kids, criminals burst in and just start tying everybody up.  In fact if you’ve ever seen the actual crime photos they are really, really sad when you see the way they tied it up the boy and shot him. Here’s the Clutter house in ’59 and today.



But it’s all sad. Elizabeth Smart I think was 14 years old when that couple took her. And they had her out in the woods for months.  And yes you can be pretty sure they did every kind of nasty sex thing you can imagine.  But the most important thing is; they just pulled her right out of her window.  And she’s not the only one young people children are kidnapped every day right from houses.  And yet people invest in car alarms.  My windows were cut out, and the criminals came right inside my house, into my bedroom, and after it happened I was like “what was I thinking?” And I live in the nice area and I thought they can’t even get close to my house… But that’s where criminals do all they do is practiced being quiet and getting into people’s houses that’s their life

So I’ll leave you with this story. When I lived in NYC I used to work for a large worldwide bank. And a friend of mine used to take me to Chinatown about once a week. It was awesome; a couple of young guys in suits running to catch subways, make it downtown, eat, and get back uptown before lunch was over. One day we were eating our pork chops (my friend was Chinese and he loved this place called “pork chop man”–well that was the translation). And we got to talking about he was out for 6 months when I first started working there. And he told me his home invasion story in his nice neighborhood story. They shot him in the head AND they shot his dog. This was long, long, long before I even thought about buying a house, and yet I when I finally did buy my home I can’t believe I never thought about my friends story until they broke into my house.  So yes, I’m seriously passionate about people making an effort to protect their homes.

So take this ADT number 877-392-4071, and just talk to them about your house. Tell them about how your place is set up, ask them what they offer in terms of packages, and whatever else you want. But talk. Have the conversation and start thinking about the information.